Code to your heart. An IDE for Java, PHP and more!

OpenBeans is an open-source IDE distribution. It packages the best there is in the ecosystem, polishes it, fixes minor annoyances and serves them to you in a clean bundle.

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Java Standard and Enterprise Edition is supported with the latest JDK.


Say no more: Doctrine2, Smarty template engine, Nette 2, Symfony 2 and 3.

HTML5 and more

Javascript and HTML5 apps, Node.js, Cordova.

In the news:

InfoQ: NetBeans Promoted to Top-Level Apache Project
[Emilian] Bold maintains a separate distribution of NetBeans called CoolBeans, that adds some native flair and more tooling support for C/C++ development. Bold recently published a separate interview about the promotion of NetBeans within Apache

Why use OpenBeans?

Use OpenBeans if you want a more polished, user-oriented experience.

Who is making OpenBeans?

Emilian Bold is building OpenBeans for you. Emilian has been a long term NetBeans community member.

He's been part of the NetBeans Dream Team, is an Apache NetBeans committer and was a Podling Project Management Committee member.

Emilian was the Release Manager for Apache NetBeans 9 (release July 2018) and also has previous experience with in-house distributions.

Emilian Bold

What is an IDE distribution?

OpenBeans is just a distribution, in the same way Ubuntu is a distribution based on Debian. The comparison page lists the differences.

By taking more control of the user experience as well as having more flexibility with regard to plugins licensing you should have a better tool at your disposal. In time the 3rd party plugins will be vetted more, giving you peace of mind.

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