04 January 2019

CoolBeans 2018.12.1 for macOS has been released. Existing users can stick with the existing install if CoolBeans starts properly.

This release fixes a launcher bug discovered by John Jacoby. CoolBeans could not start on macOS if the .app had been moved to another folder compared to the one where it was initially started from. The workaround was manually deleting the ~/Library/Caches/CoolBeans/2018.12/ folder.

The cause was a typo in the CoolBeans launcher which worked fine on macOS as it is running by default on a case-insensitive filesystem. Still, the NetBeans caching code could not compute relative paths anymore so it stored absolute paths in the cache. The absolute paths meant that when the moved .app started it looked for modules in the old place, found none, then froze.