21 November 2018

Today is the public release of CoolBeans. Download your next IDE.

CoolBeans is an IDE distribution, the same way Ubuntu is a Linux distribution. CoolBeans is based on Apache NetBeans!

PHP, standard Java and Java EE are included out of the box.

What next?

This is just the initial release of CoolBeans, which is compatible with Apache NetBeans 10. There is a lot of work ahead.

CoolBeans will be kept in sync with the upstream project, but also add polish, especially for native OS integration. First on the list is native notifications but more will follow.

In parallel, an open-source Plugin Portal will be built. Unlike the older NetBeans plugin portal, the new Portal will not accept or expect binaries from authors. Instead, it will track the upstream open-source plugins and provide builds made by CoolBeans infrastructure.

This already started with the easyUML plugin which is now available.

More plugins will be added and a separate Plugin Portal for closed source plugins.